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The emotional structure of Natasha Bakovic’s canvases carries its own tension: the artist likes juxtaposition and contrast, and when attuning the viewer’s eyes, there is a feeling of deep breathing of space. In this ability – combination of the personal, individual and fragile with the impersonal, extra-human, natural, elemental, juxtaposition of the small and the immeasurable, near and far, tender, like the first snow, the instant with the timeless, the unsteady with the structural, light – with gloomy – the peculiarity of her spiritual poetics is reflected, giving through contrast a subtle and precise cut to the visual image…

Some news

From the 15th to the 19th of February  in Paris at the Salon of French Artists in the Grand Palais Ephemere  I am showing my painting „Underwater Songs. Pines”.
In March 2023 I invite you to  two  art fairs where I will participate with my paintings and botanical drawings:
  1. Salon „TALENTS DE FEMMES 2023” à St Gervais Mt-Blanc, France ( 04/03/2023 -05/03/2023)
  2. Salon „VEGETAUX” which will take place in the Château de La Roche sur Foron, France  (04/03/2023 -26/03/2023)
My painting  „August” was selected for the winter issue of art magazine „Art Seen”
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